Ultrasounds Made Easy Part IV: Compound Imaging

Ultrasound Systems, Ultrasounds Made Easy - Thu Jul 19 2018

After investing the time to write about various integral ultrasound options in our Ultrasounds Made Easyblog articles, it has come to our attention – thanks to you, our loyal readers – that people wish to know more and understand the Compounding Imaging feature available on many advanced ultrasound systems. This includes the Mindray TE7 ultrasound system, the Sonoscape S8 portable ultrasound system, and the Philips HD15.
Compounding Imaging, simply put, is applying an ultrasound transducer and it’s beam to swiftly and instantly capture several ultrasound images from various angles. The ultrasound system then pieces the images together to create a multi-angle image. This image is not necessarily pieced together and then frozen. Rather, with each scan, the image is updated according to the blood flow, direction the probe faces, and brilliantly takes all factors that could change between ultrasound scans into consideration and adjusts the image accordingly. Compound Imaging utilizes many important ultrasound technological features, including Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI).
There are certain ultrasound applications that Compounding Imaging is best employed for. Generally, Breast, Peripheral Vessel and Musculoskeletal ultrasound images are most profoundly impacted by Compounding Imaging applications. Various manufacturers have developed individual and unique types of Compounding Imaging. Philips, for example, refers to their version at SonoCT imaging, Mindray refers to theirs as iBeam and GE named their brand’s version CrossXBeam.
Compound Image Ultrasound
One Ultrasound Beam Versus Compound Beams
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