Who Are Our Clients?


A.M.E. is proud to have an employee division that has been serving hospitals for nearly two decades. Having dealt with hospitals of all sizes, rural or urban, our team has developed an awareness and appreciation for the top-grade quality that these facilities require in order to provide the best care to it’s patients. A.M.E. understands the vast array of equipment required to run any hospital, the quality of the equipment necessary, and the compulsory customer support that is needed to seamlessly transition to the most technologically advanced products available. Addressing all of these concerns has elevated our employees’ reputation in the world of hospitals around the country.
Hospital equipment

Medical Clinics

A.M.E. employees are not limited to working with large hospitals – with practically two decades of experience establishing relationships with and providing equipment for Medical Clinics around the world, A.M.E. understands how to best serve your Clinic. We appreciate the extensive costs that are required to run a Medical Clinic, and strive to provide the best equipment for the most economical fare. With the help of expert engineers, salesmen and managers, A.M.E. offers free consultation concerning equipment quality, whether to purchase used or new equipment, and what best fits your demands.
Medical clinic ultrasound

Imaging Centers

Imaging centers are no exception to the wide range of facilities, both commercial and private that A.M.E. has helped serve for the better part of twenty years. With a team of highly skilled engineers, A.M.E. has built its reputation on providing the best prices, installing equipment and calibrating them all to complete customer satisfaction. Making a point to accommodate Imaging Centers of all shapes and sizes, training employees and servicing existing equipment, A.M.E. goes leaps and bounds beyond being traditional salesmen.
 Imaging center

Individual Doctor Offices

There are times when a doctor prefers to handle his or her own equipment. When this is the case, A.M.E. has been here to elaborate on the extensive options, manufacturers and variety of equipment that will best fit his or her office. With expert advice regarding purchasing new or old equipment, what device will best serve your specialty, and always offering the best prices, A.M.E. has built strong relationships with individual doctors all over the globe.
 Doctors office