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Used and Refurbished Bone Densitometers for Sale

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All Bone Densitometers

AME is one of the leading sources of refurbished and used bone densitometer machines. Proudly conducting business with hospitals, private practices, imaging centers and rehabilitation centers, we at AME strive to exhibit superior customer service and care. 

Bone densitometers are tricky systems, often requiring calibration (and re-calibration), preventative maintenance, training, and installation. AME understands and appreciates the degree of assistance that many require, and subsequently is able to offer in-house solutions to all of these demands. Bone Density experts calibrate the systems before shipment, warehouse professionals crate the product, and our technicians will meet you in your facility to install the unit and train your staff. 

Most frequently working with GE and Hologic, the industry leaders in stationary, full body dexa units, AME offers service, repair and replacements for a collection of systems, including the Hologic Discovery C, Discovery W, the GE Prodigy, and more. All our systems pass QC and generally include free crating and packaging. 

AME also refurbishes and sells portable bone density machines, primarily the GE Achilles Express, Achilles Insight, and the Schick AccuDexa systems. The GE systems are employed to detect osteoporosis, fractures, and other ailments in the foot and heel regions, while the Schick system scans hands for bone fractures and osteoporosis. 

No matter whether you’re a domestic customer, or a global one, AME is excited to assist you in any way we can. Standard 90 day warranties are available for free within the Continental United States, while international warranties are 60 days. Extended warranties are also available for purchase. For any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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