Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

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AME proudly provides the most popular, affordable, and user-friendly Veterinary ultrasound systems. Offering a variety of machines from manufacturers that engineer systems specifically designed to serve animals, AME works closely with Mindray, Sonosite, GE, Edan, and many other reputable manufacturers. 

Aside from supplying the actual ultrasounds, AME also has a collection of in-house technicians and engineers to maintain, refurbished, and fix any ultrasound equipment that requires support and maintenance. This personalized service helps make AME one of the most reputable companies in the industry. 

Each of our products come with a standard 90 day parts and labor warranty for domestic customers, while our international clients are offered a 60 day warranty. Extended warranties are available for purchase. For any additional questions or concerns regarding our systems, our probes, or any other equipment - feel free to contact us!

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