Ultimate Ultrasound Guide Part II: GE Voluson i, Vivid i

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A.M.E. Ultrasounds’ mission is to provide you with comprehensive, digestible information regarding used ultrasound machines, how they work, comparing their applications and functions and more. This article, part two in this series, will elaborate on two of GE’s popular used portable ultrasound machines; the Voluson i and the Vivid i. We look forward to providing you with all the information that you – diagnostician, patient, engineer, or anybody else – need to know.


GE Portable Ultrasound Machines:

GE, otherwise known as General Electric, has been manufacturing and engineering medical equipment since they began with X-Ray tubes in the late 1800’s. Now, over a century later, GE is known as one of the predominant manufacturers of ultrasound machines and ultrasound probes / transducers. With a variety of portable ultrasound machines, stationary ultrasound machines, and various ultrasound series’, GE’s distinguished reputation is well-deserved.

Like it’s other systems, GE Portable ultrasound machines are divided into series’. The Logiq series, for example, specializes in general imaging and radiological applications. Therefore, doctors that are looking to diagnose a variety of body parts – small parts, abdominal, cardiac applications – should look for a general imaging portable ultrasound. Some examples include the GE Logiq e and the GE Logiqbook XP. Specialty systems, however, like the Voluson i or the Vivid i, require a bit more of a background knowledge to employ them to their full potential.

GE Voluson i
Used GE Voluson i portable ultrasound machine
GE Voluson i:



Identifiable by it’s name, the Voluson i is part of the GE Voluson ultrasound series. These used ultrasound machines specialize in women’s health application images. GE has both a portable and stationary line of these systems, yet the the Voluson i remains one of the most popular used ultrasound machines in the Voluson line. It’s popularity is due to a number of features including its portability and power, probe compatibility, and image enhancing technology.


The Voluson i is more than just compact. Weighing less than eleven pounds, this system has options to run either on battery power or by plugging into AC power. Able to be carried in a small briefcase / handbag, this used ultrasound machine can be set up on a desktop, on one’s lap, or on a rolling cart. All GE portable ultrasound machines are compatible with a rolling cart – turning a small compact system into a stationary and sturdy machine.


One of the things that diagnosticians love about GE used portable ultrasound machines is the fact that their size does not compromise their technological capabilities. The Voluson i is capable of producing 3D/4D (another term for Live 3D) images. It employs many integral features including CrossXBeam and Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI), color doppler, Coded Harmonics / Tissue Harmonic Imaging, and more. It also includes an 80 GB hard drive.


GE portable ultrasound machines are designed specifically to be compatible with special transducers that have small connectors. These small connectors are compatible with all of the GE portable systems, as well as specific advanced GE ultrasound machines, including the Vivid S5 and Vivid S70. The Voluson i is compatible with many curved array and 3D/4D transducers as well as a few vascular probes – emphasizing it’s OB-GYN, abdominal and women’s general health specialty.

GE Vivid i



The GE Vivid series, like the Voluson series, specializes in specific applications. The Vivid ultrasounds specifically is utilized for cardio-vascular applications. GE manufactures more portable ultrasound machines in the Vivid series than any other series – which include the Vivid i, Vivid e and Vivid Q. The Vivid i, although specializing in cardiovascular images, is more versatile than the Voluson i and is capable of producing images for OB-GYN, abdominal and breast applications.


The GE Vivid I ultrasound machine, as mentioned in the paragraph above, specializes in Cardio-Vascular applications, but is capable of also producing regular ultrasound images for a variety of other applications. Obstetrics and Gynecology, abdominal (including kidney and liver) and breast ultrasounds images. Although, admittedly, these pictures are not nearly as detailed as the cardiovascular applications, they certainly add an additional aspect of versatility that other specialty ultrasounds do not contain.

GE Vivid I portable ultrasound machine

Used GE Vivid i portable ultrasound machine


The Vivid i is equipped with image enhancing technology that is similar in many ways to the Voluson i, but include some specialized technology just for Vivid systems. High frame rates, color angio and enhanced color flow, along with Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging are just some of the technologies that enhance general ultrasound imaging. Technology geared specifically toward the enhancement of cardiac applications include Tissue Velocity Imaging (providing information about heart and heart tissues),  Tissue Tracking (to recognize coronary heart disease) and EchoPac analysis (to organize data and provide analysis including TVI, TT, TSI, and Strain).


The GE Vivid i is compatible with a variety of types of ultrasound probes and transducers. Among these probes are sector / phased array probes, linear and curved array probes and pencil probes. This versatility when it comes to ultrasound probe compatibility emphasizes the different potential scenarios this machine can be employed for.

– Curved array probes are used for abdominal and OB-GYN images

– Phased array probes are used for abdominal, cardiac and transcranial images

– Linear probes are used for small parts, musculoskeletal and vascular images

– Pencil probes are used for cardiac doppler images

A Brief Comparison: 

If one is looking for a used ultrasound machine that is compact, powerful, and specializes in OB-GYN and other women’s health images exclusively, the GE Voluson i is the system for you. Although not used for other images other than women’s health applications, it is considered the premier and leading used portable ultrasound machine for women’s health.

The Vivid i, on the other hand, is more versatile in nature than the Voluson i. It specializes in cardio-vascular applications, but can also be used for other applications – making it more versatile than the Voluson i. It is not, however, compatible with 3D/4D probes / transducers like the Voluson i.

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