Understand Sonosite Portable Ultrasounds: Part I

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Sonosite has produced some of the most popular portable ultrasound systems available on the market today. Three specific products have enjoyed timeless appreciation and favorability, and this blog post will be elaborating on these systems. Focusing in on imaging quality, image enhancing technology, ultrasound application imaging, and pricing – we’ll help keep you as informed as possible. When the time comes to consider purchasing, renting or leasing a new system – we’ll do our best to help you make the best decision for yourself.
Sonosite Titan


The most economical of the the Sonosite portable systems, the Sonosite Titan is considered an “entry level” system. Despite lacking a myriad of cutting-edge ultrasound image enhancing technology, the Titan is capable of producing images for many crucial applications. These applications include Abdominal, Cardiac, OB-GYN (obstetrics and gynecology), Pediatrics and Neonatal, Superficial and Vascular ultrasound imaging. The combination of fair pricing and diversity in imaging applications keeps the Titan popular for well over the last decade. Other notable and relevant features include color doppler, continuous wave doppler, and pulse wave doppler imaging. It is compatible with the Sonosite probes that do not end with “X” (for the M-Turbo) or “e” (for Micromaxx) – for example the C60 curved array probe or ICT intracavitary probe.

Sonosite Titan Portable Ultrasound
Sonosite Titan
Sonosite MicroMaxx:
The Micromaxx is the middle-tier ultrasound system – not quite as cheap as the Titan, but engineered with more imaging technologies to make this popular system worth it’s price. Included in some of the newer image enhancing technology is THI (tissue harmonic imaging), Cine Review, Broadband and multi-frequency imaging, and DICOM. It is also more versatile in it’s potential applications that it can project, featuring all that the Titan does, and adding applications like Breast, Small Parts, and General Imaging. Compatible with specially engineered probes for the Micromaxx, the transducers who’s title ends with “e” – like the L38e linear array probe or the HFL38e high frequency linear array probe, are exclusive to the Micromaxx.
Sonosite MicroMaxx Portable Ultrasound
Sonosite MicroMaxx
Sonosite M-Turbo:
The M-Turbo, the most advanced of these three systems, is armed with a sleek exterior, top quality ultrasound imaging technology, and the potential to display a wide array of imaging applications. Some of the superior image enhancing technology includes SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization, SonoHD imaging technology and SonoMB multi beam (similar to compound imaging). Weighing under seven pounds, and including specialized probes (any Sonosite transducer ending with “X” such as the HFL50x high frequency linear array probe), the M-Turbo is an exceptional, top of the line system.
M Turbo Portable Ultrasound
Sonosite M-Turbo

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