Understand Sonosite Portable Ultrasounds: Part II

Portable Ultrasounds, Ultrasound Systems, Understanding Ultrasounds - Wed Jul 25 2018

Our last blog entry began to discuss and expand on three extremely popular Sonosite portable ultrasound systems: The Titan, the MicroMaxx and the M-Turbo. This entry will serve as a follow-up to that post, and discuss the Sonosite Edge, Edge II and Nanomaxx portable systems.
Sonosite Edge:
The Sonosite Edge is part of the next advanced generation of ultrasound systems that exceeds the M-Turbo, MicroMaxx and Titan in terms of engineering, image enhancing technology and design. It specializes in Vascular imaging applications, but can be utilized for other general applications, including abdominal, musculoskeletal, and OB-GYN images. Some image enhancing technology that the Edge utilizes is SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization (tissue harmonic imaging for Sonosite), Continuous Wave Doppler option, and Velocity Color Doppler. Designed with a 12 inch LCD screen, a splash resistant keyboard, and weighing under 9 lbs (without probes). It is sleek, elegant, and user-friendly – a true testament to Sonosite’s vision to provide top quality portable ultrasound systems.
Sonosite Edge Portable Ultrasound
Sonosite Edge

Sonosite Edge II:

The Sonosite Edge II took all that made the Edge great, and made it better. With a wider range of imaging applications, more probes that are compatible with it (including High Frequency transducers) and more advanced external and internal engineering, the Edge II is revered by diagnosticians. It utilizes more advanced image enhancing technology than ever, including DirectClear, SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization, SonoHD2 and ColorHD. Sonosite also designed their probes to last through all sorts of wear and tear with new Armored Cable Technology – keeping the transducer wires protected from all the potential damages that can occur in emergency or stationary occasions. It is considered a Shared Service system, specializing is several image applications, as opposed to the Edge – which is primarily a Vascular system.

Sonosite Edge II portable ultrasound
Sonosite Edge II

Sonosite NanoMaxx:

The Sonosite NanoMaxx is Sonosite’s smallest and most compact ultrasound system. It is designed as a touchscreen tablet, and has all the advantages of being a powerful handheld system without compromising on imaging quality, power, and even probe compatibility (connects to five different ultrasound transducers!). Often used in emergency scenarios, the NanoMaxx boots up in less than 20 seconds, weighs just six pounds, is engineered with a user-friendly touch screen face. It produces 2D, M-Mode and color ultrasound images, and specializes in Cardiac, Vascular, Superficial and Anesthetic ultrasound image applications. It is Sonosite’s only tablet sized, touch screen ultrasound system, and is comparable to the GE Venue 40 or Philips InnoSight.

NanoMaxx portable ultrasound
Sonosite NanoMaxx

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