Ultrasounds Made Easy Part III: Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Ultrasound Systems, Ultrasounds Made Easy - Thu Jul 05 2018

Keeping up with our recent blog series, Ultrasound Made Easy, we’re going to do our best to provide for you a simple understanding of a new and important imaging capability: Tissue Harmonic Imaging (or THI). We’ll try and elaborate on it’s purpose as well as brief you, our faithful readers, on how it works.
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Ultrasound utilizing Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Harmonic Imaging:


Harmonic imaging is just another way of saying ultrasound imaging. Harmonic, meaning sound, is actually the definition of how ultrasound imaging works (see our How It Works: Ultrasound Imaging page for details). Utilizing sound waves from ultrasound probes or transducers, the monitor, or ultrasound system, translates the sounds into (sometimes live) moving images. Different sound frequencies translate into different quality ultrasound images. Now that we understand Harmonic Imaging, we can delve deeper into the definition and purpose of Tissue Harmonic Imaging.


Tissue Harmonic Imaging:


Tissue Harmonic Imaging, essentially, functions the same way as a regular ultrasound image except the sound waves travel through and echo tissues instead of organs or other internal structures. Advantages of THI include decreased reverberations (which result in speckles and other image impairing outcomes), Cyst clearing, and general improved imaging results. There are currently studies being done to enhance Tissue Harmonic Imaging.

Although as recently as ten years ago, THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) was only available on the most advanced ultrasound systems, as ultrasound technology has evolved, THI has become more standard. Popular units including the Philips IU22, IE33, and the GE Logiq E9 are all equipped with tissue harmonic imaging. It is often applied to diagnose ultrasounds in the abdominal area.

Tissue Harmonic Image Comparison

Tissue Harmonic Image Contrasting with a Regular Image

When it comes to ultrasound imaging, there are so many advanced options that are available, it would be a shame for doctors and patients alike to not take advantage of these options. Your team at A.M.E. is here to provide you with this valuable information, and present it to you as simply and coherently as possible.

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