Ultrasounds Made Easy I: Freeze Button

Ultrasound Systems, Ultrasounds Made Easy - Tue Jun 19 2018
Ultrasounds Made Easy


A.M.E. is proud to begin a new blog series following the successful “How it Works” series. “Ultrasound Made Easy” will walk you through various controls and steps on Ultrasound systems that are important to know to make your life easier. As always, if you’re interesting in learning about any particular aspect of Ultrasounds or topics, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to publish articles based on your selection.

Pausing Images


Nearly every Ultrasound system has a freeze screen button. This toggle in necessary for a variety of reasons, and we’ll elaborate on a number of them in this blog. The first reason to take advantage of this option to be able to freeze a moving ultrasound photo and examine it more closely. Due to the intricate detail in Ultrasound images and the constant movement, it is crucial to be able to freeze the screen and be able to take a prolonged look at the picture being projected. When an image is frozen, a diagnostician no longer needs to keep the ultrasound probe pressed against the patient, and can scrutinize the image and explain to the patient what is being depicted in the ultrasound image. Neither the diagnostician or the patient need to be distracted by the ultrasound transducer once an image is frozen.

ultrasound freeze button

Ultrasound freeze button - located on all machines

Switching Ultrasound Transducers:

In terms of how many ultrasound systems are designed, it is dangerous for the system to connect and disconnect probes while they are live on the Ultrasound screen. For example, if one is employing the use of a curved array probe, and wants to switch to a vascular transducer, one should freeze the screen, and only once the screen is frozen – disconnect the ultrasound probe from the port and insert a new one. Not many diagnosticians are aware of how much potential damage can arise from switching probes without freezing the screen, and end up having to pay the repercussions of this innocent mistake.

Turning Off the Ultrasound System:

Although this step is not entirely necessary, before turning off one’s ultrasound system one should freeze one’s screen. This step is the equivalent to a wind-down for the ultrasound system, which while utilizing its full technological capacities, should cool down before shutting off entirely. It is considered a safe step to help keep one’s Ultrasound system in good shape for an extended period of time, and only takes a brief moment.


Although this simple button is often taken for granted, it is important for both the diagnostician and the patient when employed, and is important to utilize correctly if one wishes to care properly for one’s Ultrasound system. At A.M.E. Ultrasounds we pride ourselves on providing top quality customer service. If you have a particular topic you’d be interested in learning more about or reading about, feel free to contact us!

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