Samsung WS80A Ultrasound System


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The Samsung WS80A women’s health ultrasound machine is a premium unit with advanced diagnostic and 4D imaging capabilities.The WS80A is one of the most advanced Women’s Health ultrasound machines on the market, containing essentially equivalent technologies at a lower price, including FRV, which is Samsung’s equivalent to GE’s HDLive technology.

Additionally, Samsung has some breakthrough technologies on the WS80, including the innovative Android “Hello Mom” app, which can wirelessly connect an Android smartphone to the WS80. Images and fetal information can be transferred to the smartphone, and mothers can share ultrasound images (including 4D images) via their Android smartphone.

The WS80A is compatible with well over 20 ultrasound probes. This may seem excessive for a specialty system - but the number of probes actually is an indicator of how intricate the imaging is. Each transducer's frequency range allows for a different degree of penetration - which is crucial when it comes to examining fetal structures, fetal growth, and many other women's health related internal structures and organs. Other applications that this ultrasound machine can project images for includes cardiovascular, small parts and neonatal / pediatric images. For any additional questions or concerns about this system or any other ultrasound machine, please do not hesitate to contact us

Samsung WS80A Features

  • B, CFM, M, PW, PDI
  • 23″’’ High-Resolution Color LED Screen
  • ClearVision™
  • MultiVision™
  • S-Vue™ Transducers
  • Hybrid Beamforming Technology
  • QuickScan™
  • Intelligent Control Panel
Samsung WS80A Transducers 
Please note that all returns that are made not as a result of a defect will result in a 20% restocking fee.