Ultrasounds Made Easy Part V: Probe Toggle Button

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A feature and function as necessary, fundamental and integral as the “Freeze” button on an ultrasound machine (see our first article in this series “Ultrasound Made Easy: Freeze Button”) is the Toggle Probe / Transducer button on every ultrasound system that has more than one probe dock.
Mindray MC-70 ultrasound machine
The Mindray DC 70 has four ultrasound probe ports
Probe Docks and Toggling: A probe dock is a little cavity in ultrasound machines that connects the ultrasound machine with the ultrasound probe or transducer. When an ultrasound system has more than one port dock, it provides more convenience and versatility for diagnosticians, who can rotate between using two, three or four transducers all without having to detach or plug new probes in. Instead, ultrasound systems are equipped with a button that allows you to switch back and forth between the transducers that are being employed.
The button, although located in different locations on various ultrasound systems, is distinguishable in a few ways. For those systems with toggles or buttons with pictures on them, there will usually be the outline of a photo of a transducer (usually a curved array / abdominal one). In the case where there are no photos, the button will always have the word “Probe”, “Transducer” or “Xducer” on or right below the button. It is important to note that before switching between probes, one must make sure to push the freeze button. Rotating between probes before freezing the screen has proven to be detrimental to the ultrasound machine. It is a simple yet crucial step, and doing so can help keep your ultrasound system in good condition for years to come.
Vivid Q Keyboard
 The keyboard for a GE Vivid Q

Another benefit to have more than one probe port is that is saves you from the wear and tear of constantly attaching and detaching probes from the ultrasound machine. There is always a variety of scenarios that can go wrong, and limiting the amount of times that you attach and detach probes can help you keep your probes in good condition for longer.

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