Ultrasounds Made Easy Part II: Speckle Reduction Imaging

Ultrasound Systems, Ultrasounds Made Easy - Mon Jun 25 2018

Speckle Reduction Imaging:

Ultrasound imaging technology is constantly expanding and developing. Unfortunately for us, this tends to make it difficult to keep up with the times and understand complicated imaging features. That being said, our team at A.M.E. realized how important it is to provide you – our valued friends and customers, with a series of blog posts explaining some ultrasound features. Speckle Reduction Imaging is a feature that most advanced ultrasound systems employ, and is extremely important to become familiar with.

Speckle Reduction Imaging is an advanced algorithm that improves B-Mode imaging (see our blog How It Works: Ultrasound Modes). In an average ultrasound test, there are speckles, or disturbances that result from the echo that is projected from the ultrasound probe. These speckles negatively impact the ultrasound image quality, and can damage or impair a diagnostician’s ability to decipher an ultrasound image.

Speckle Reduction Image

Ultrasound Speckle Reduction

Enter Speckle Reduction Imaging. There are a few complex methodologies that can be employed to reduce the speckle which are beyond the scope of this blog. The way they work, however, is more simple: Changing the frequency of the sound into different beams (as opposed to one stronger blast), lowers the speckle that echoes back to the image, for the larger the beam, the more speckle. Another method includes lowering the beam’s power entirely – sacrificing slight image resolution but also preventing more speckle damage from perverting the image.


When it comes to ultrasound imaging, there are so many advanced options that are available, it would be a shame for doctors and patients alike to not take advantage of these options. Your team at A.M.E. is here to provide you with this valuable information, and present it to you as simply and coherently as possible.

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