Doctor ready to treat COVID-19

We’re here to help you fight the war against COVID-19.

AME has turned its attention to the global pandemic that has stricken over a million people, and killed over fifty thousand. Arming ourselves with equipment that can help save thousands of lives, we’re here to help you protect the world from this unprecedented disease.

These specialty equipment includes, but is not limited to, ventilators, pulse oximeters, anesthesia machines, infusion pumps, and patient monitors.

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Our Curated COVID-19 Collection

COVID-19 Patient Monitors

Our patient monitors are used globally in order to record and track patient's vitals. Standard features that our monitors include consist of NiBP (non-invasive blood pressure), SP02 (pulse finger sensors), Temperature, EKG, and all patient accessories. These monitors are required by hospitals in order to oversee patients’ vital signs while infected.

COVID-19 Pulse Oximeters

These monitors are particularly important in the war against COVID-19. Employed to monitor how well oxygen is being pumped through the body, COVID-19 is a virus that attacks the respiratory system - making these systems valuable soldiers. These units are also employed when determining if a patient needs help breathing, evaluating the efficiency of ventilators that are in use, and to evaluate whether someone momentarily stops breathing while sleeping.

COVID-19 Anesthesia Machines

These systems are medical apparatuses for administering inhalation anesthetic gases and vapors, and for controlling ventilation. In other words, these monitors help patients breathe. If, for example, a patient has difficulty breathing out by one’s self, this system helps inhale and exhale - an obvious necessity for those suffering from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps are required to help deliver patients nutrients and medication when their body cannot by itself. It delivers these necessary nutrients and medications through the circulatory system. For anybody using an IV, an infusion pump is required.

COVID-19 Ventilators

Ventilators are actually specified components of anesthesia machines. Using pressure to move air and other necessary gases into the lungs, these machines are absolutely vital in helping patients stay alive while struggling with COVID-19.