Image of Ephraim Herschmann

Ephraim Herschmann

Director of Business Development

Ephraim Herschmann’s rich history in sales, customer relations, operations, and internal relations has provided the necessary skills to shoulder the responsibilities of Business Development. Having spent most of his professional career in small businesses, and learning “to wear many hats,” so to speak, Herschmann realized that those with a conglomeration of skills and experiences are most legible to take a company from good to great. As the director of Business Development, Herschmann insisted that the other directors have diverse professional experience and interests as well - allowing each director to face each challenge and problem with intricate and sophisticated perspective. Herschmann graduated from SUNY Binghamton University, and is one of the Co-Founders of AME Ultrasounds. Spending time learning the intricacies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Development, Sales, Operations, and about the fast-paced and ever-developing world of medical equipment, Herschmann has helped take AME Ultrasounds to the top of the industry. In 2019, Herschmann oversaw the development of AME’s West Coast branch in Seattle, Washington - expanding to yet another thriving Metropolis in addition to the New York branch. In his free time, Herschmann can be found reading, scourging for live music in whatever city he’s traveled to for business, or writing for pleasure.