Image of Mayra Lugo

Mayra Lugo

Director of Warehouse Operations

Mayra Lugo has spent over fifteen years working in the world of medical equipment. Starting her career cleaning and repairing patient monitors, Mayra is now a confident technician, elaborate coordinator and methodical operations manager. Mayra’s expertise goes far beyond that of a typical Director of Operations: Dedicated, intelligent and hardworking, Mayra has become an expert in patient monitors, portable bone densitometers, EKG machines, defibrillators and ultrasounds. She is excited to teach fellow employees, undaunted by any task and time-sensitive assignment, and positive in her attitude. Nearly two decades of professional experience has given her the confidence to run an enormous warehouse operation, and Mayra has been invaluable in AME’s expansion to the West Coast and increase in operations. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Mayra helps AME’s international operations run smoothly and efficiently as well. Whether it be in operations, technical assistance or sales. Her wide range of skills and experience coupled with patience and confidence makes Mayra an integral leader at AME.