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The SonoSite M-Turbo portable ultrasound system is a versatile, digital, and software controlled device. This portable and innovative system has numerous configurations and features sets used to obtain and display real-time, high-resolution ultrasound images used for abdominal, nerve, superficial, vascular, cardiac, venous access, and pelvic views. With its clear and sharp contrast, the M Turbos is known for its image quality. These features improve the visual detail to help differentiate structures, vessels, and pathology. Whether abdominal, vascular, cardiac, small parts, musculoskeletal, the SonoSite M-Turbo optimizes image resolution for high-quality exams.

Armed and equipped with some of Sonosite's advanced imaging enhancing technology, the Sonosite M-Turbo can project enhanced images for a variety of applications using SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization (similar to THI - Tissue Harmonic Imaging), SonoHD Imaging Technology and SonoMB Multi-beam imaging. With a variety of probes specially designed for the M-Turbo (any Sonosite probe that ends with "X", the C11X for example), and compatible with a rolling stand to turn an otherwise portable unit into a stationary secure one, the M-Turbo is economical, reliable and a state of the art unit.

Sonosite M-Turbo Features and Specificities: 

  • Weight: 6.7 lb (without battery and transducer)
  • Dimensions: 11.9″ L x 10.8″ W x 3.1″H
  • Display: 10.4″ diagonal LCD (NTSC or PAL)
  • SonoADAPT™ Tissue Optimization
  • SonoHD™ Imaging Technology
  • SonoMB™ Multi-beam Imaging
  • Onboard Image and Clip Storage/Review
  • Capture quality video clips up to 60 seconds long
  • All-digital architecture
  • Multiple configurations & available feature sets
  • On-screen options for adjusting settings

Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: 

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle _builder_version="3.12.2" title="What is the difference between probes for the M-Turbo and other Sonosite portable ultrasound machines?"]


Great question! The Sonosite portable ultrasound machines each have special probes that are designed and engineered specifically for that system. The Sonosite M-Turbo's probes all end with "X" such as the L38x probe. 

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle _builder_version="3.12.2" title="What is SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization?"]


SonoAdapt Tissue Optimization is Sonosite's version of Tissue Harmonic Imaging. THI (or Tissue Harmonic Imaging), essentially, functions the same way as a regular ultrasound image except the sound waves travel through and echo tissues instead of organs or other internal structures.

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle _builder_version="3.12.2" title="What high frequency probes / transducer is available for the M-Turbo ultrasound machine?"]


The M-Turbo portable ultrasound machine is compatible with two high frequency transducers / probes Sonosite HFL38X Linear Array Probe, Sonosite HFL50X Linear Array Probe

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle _builder_version="3.12.2" title="Does my purchase of the M-Turbo include a rolling cart?"]


Absolutely. If you don't require a rolling cart, or have one already, you can purchase an M-Turbo for a discounted price.