Sonosite Nanomaxx Portable Ultrasound System


The Sonosite NanoMaxx portable ultrasound system can be compared to the GE Venue 40 system in many ways. Designed like a touchscreen tablet, compatible with a rolling stand that allows this ultrasound system to be used both in a stationary setting (like in a Doctor's office for example), or on the go (in an ambulance perhaps).

With potential for 2D, M-Mode and color ultrasound images, this petite ultrasound system's size has no bearing on its technological capabilities. In addition to this, the Nanomaxx is compatible with a wide variety of ultrasound transducers - indicating it's ability to project images for many different types of applications. Curved array, micro-convex array, linear and phased array transducers emphasize the ability to project images for abdominal, cardiac, small parts, and vascular applications.

Sonosite NanoMaxx Features and Specificities: 

  • High resolution imaging with full color flow mapping
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Fluid-resistant - easy to clean and disinfect
  • Sophisticated one button control
  • Unrivaled durability - drop tested 3 feet/91.4 cm
  • Quick boot-up time- less than 20 seconds
  • System weight: 6 lbs/2.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 14.1"/35.8 cm L x 8.2"/20.8 cm H x 2.3"/5.8 cm W
  • Display: 8.4"/21.3 cm diagonal display LCD touch screen
Compatible Ultrasound Probes / Transducers: 
Please note that all returns that are made not as a result of a defect will result in a 20% restocking fee.